5K Seamless Gutters

5K End Cap

This is the industry standard style gutter and most commonly installed replacement gutter. This style is formed from an 11 7/8″ coil and it produces a profile of 3.62″ back with a 3 1/4″ bottom and 3 1/2″ face, granting a 5″ opening for rain and debris collection. This gutter does not have a lip on the back and therefore sits behind flashing to ensure there is not wick-back from the rain falling into the gutter. The advantage to the K style gutter is that it can be manipulated very easily to direct the flow of water to the downspout. With the wider opening and much wider bottom, this gutter is most commonly installed with a 3″ outlet and the 2″x3″ downspout. This wider profile means you will spend less time cleaning your outlets. The gutters are easier to clean when you can fit both hands in the gutter, and they simply function better. The drawback to the gutter, however, is that it does not always cover the rafter tails. This can be aesthetically displeasing to some homeowners. In a perfect world or at least on a perfect house, the rafter tails would have exactly the same reveal.  This is when it is helpful to upgrade the gutter system to a 6K Profile.